Cameron Kite is a sculpture and craftsman, born into a generations-deep family tradition of artisans: master-seamstresses, jewelers, wood-workers, hobbyist, tinkerers, and engineers. But his greatest influence is nature and the materials hewn from earth.

His materials are primarily steel, wood, rope and organics. His style is marked by suspension, tension, and juxtaposition of manmade with natural architecture. His pride is rooted in process, machining know-how, and methods of pinpoint force to shape enduring materials into narrative works of art or large format public installations.

”I love doing this work to show that anything I can imagine is possible. I love forcing materials to yield to my will, and working with their restrictions, while figuring out what those restrictions are.”

Avid naturist, explorer, meditator, and particularly engrossed with Japanese aesthetics, Cameron Kite is a native of Clinton, Tennessee.